Projector Ceiling Lift PLCV5.4

PLC V5.4

Low profile Ceiling Lift suitable for false ceilings with small inner height and for maximum load (projector+ceiling cover) up to 35kg. With standard run length up to 500mm, PLC V5.4 is the ideal solution for demanding applications in low depth ceilings and is characterized by excellent utility, great stability and great accuracy in up and down position.  

Plc V5 4 Main Image
Plc V5 4 Main Image



  • Maximum load capacity (projector+ceiling cover) up to 35kg
  • Maximum projector dimensions (WxD) ≤588x707mm
  • Lift dimensions (WxHxD): 720x(85+projector height)x850mm
  • Lift weight: ~44kg
  • Minimum ceiling hole required: 750x860mm
  • Standard run length: 500mm
  • Optional run length increase by +500mm each time, for maximum 2 times, with lift height increase by 46mm each time



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