New!!! The slimmest projector ceiling lift PLC V6.1

PLC V6.1

The slimmest projector ceiling lift is a reality! Required inner ceiling depth only 1.5cm + projector height* ! Easy to install, with high quality technical specifications and consistent with Unitech Systems’ philosophy for reliable and firm constructions, the new PLCV6 series of projector ceiling lifts is the ultimate solution for slim ceiling applications.  PLCV6.1 has  been selected for the short list of 2014 InAVation Awards - Technology Finalists.

Plc V6 1 Main Image
Plc V6 1 Main Image



  • Maximum load capacity (projector+ceiling cover) up to 28kg
  • Maximum projector dimensions (WxD) ≤530x645mm
  • Lift dimensions (WxHxD): 787x(15 + projector height*)x854mm
  • Projector mounting area dimensions (WxD) 482x430mm
  • Standard run length: 300mm
  • Power supply 230VAC-50Hz

*: for projectors with height over 135mm. Minimum total height 150mm




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