Projector Ceiling Lift PLCV5.1

PLC V5.1

Low profile Ceiling Lift suitable for false ceilings with small inner height and for maximum load capacity 20kg (projector+ceiling cover, whre ceiling cover cannot exceed 5kg). PLCV5.1 is characterized by excellent utility, great stability and great accuracy in up and down position.

Plc V5 1 Main Image
Plc V5 1 Main Image



  • Maximum load capacity (projector+ceiling cover) up to 20kg (ceiling cover cannot exceed 5kg).
  • Maximum projector dimensions within the lift size (WxD) ≤470x440mm
  • Lift dimensions (WxHxD):
    • 635x(71+projector height for max.projector dept <345mm)x440mm
    • 635x(105+projector height for max.projector dept >345mm)x440mm
  • Lift weight: ~19kg
  • Minimum ceiling hole required : 670x480mm
  • Standard run length:
    • 166mm for max.projector dept >345mm
    • 200mm for max.projector dept <345mm
  • Optional run length increase by +200mm each time, for maximum 2 times, with lift height increase by 42mm each time
  • Power supply 230VAC/50Hz



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