Projector Table Lift PLT V3.1

PLT V3.1

Projector Table lift suitable for most projector models, with unique motion system. The projector is mounted in PLT V3.1 in vertical position and it emerges from inside the furniture. After the projector is fully rased, it turns by 90 degrees to reach projection position. 

PLT V3.1 is characterized by excellent utility, great stability and absolute accuracy in parked and projection positions.


  • Multiple mounting options (on floor, wall, furniture or behind furniture e.g couch, armchair, etc)
  • Projector rases vertically for 60cm & swivels by 90 degrees until it reaches horizontal position
  • Unique stability system with the use of two (2) linear drives
  • Absolute accuracy in start and end position
  • Absolute stability during motion
  • Cable management system
  • Wireless control upon request
  • Choice of color



  • Maximum load up to 20kg.
  • Maximum projector dimensions: (WxHxD) ≤530x185x503mm.
  • Lift dimensions: 675x1030x365mm (without furniture cover)


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